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More about Quantum Shift Studios

QSS is a handful of dedicated experts in their fields, collectively having over 50 years of game design & development experience. As CEO my work ethic believes in cultivating a team of visionaries to support the growth of the business through exceptional delivery of highly rated titles. On principle each project will allow me to  invest in staff that bring a range of skills and expertise to stabilise the next stage of business development.

Established in 2019 the business started trading in January 2020 under Playfinder LTD which was a subsidiary of Playstack LTD. During lockdown it became increasingly hard to grow the business and after a 2 year partnership Playstack stepped down and Playfinder LTD officially became Quantum Shift Studios LTD in April 2023. We continue to work closely with our partners at On the Edge and Sunna Entertainment as we move forward into this next exciting chapter for the business.

Our Partners

On The Edge

Our games are created to make heroes of endangered species, and help players understand the challenges nature is facing in the real world.

As digital as we are, our groundbreaking projects have been with On the Edge, a London-based not for profit charity, that invest in raising awareness of endangered EDGE species. This collaboration has proven incredibly successful since 2020. Leading to published games such as Kākāpo Run and Save the Purple Frog

On the Edge 

Sunna Entertainment

Sunna Entertainment is a small indie game studio based in Costa Rica, founded by David Álvarez and Virgilio Solis in 2014. Rich and deep experiences delivered through simple mechanics are what tie our products together, and to share the key to creating great entertaining experiences.

Virgillio is the current CEO of the company, and has become a close personal friend over the years we have worked together. His programming background provides the perfect Ying to my Yang and his thoughts on gameplay and mechanics have always helped steer our projects to success. We have been working together for nearly 10 years across multiple projects and businesses. Our collaboration has made Virgilio and his team a crucial part of the QSS family.

Sunna Entertainment 

Want to join the QSS Family?

Do you have a game project you want made? Or need some assistance getting an existing project over the line? Reach out to us here and Quantum Shift Studios and we can see what we can do to help - Contact Us

Our Goals and Ambitions

Create unique and engaging games for everyone to enjoy!