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Welcome to Quantum Shift Studios

Quantum Shift Studio is a micro studio based in London collaborating with developers around the world to offer concept to completion game development services. Leveraging decades of experience in game development across multiple platforms and technologies including AR and VR.

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January 2024

First event of 2024! Meet our CEO and Founder at Pocket Gamer Connects from the 22-23rd of Jan. Meeting slots are going fast so get on meet-to-match if you want to talk to us about our Development and Co-Dev services.  We are also looking to speak to Publishers for our first new IP and Investors to help us kickstart growth in 2024.

December 2023

What a year! As we wrap up for the winter break I just wanted to give a big shout out to the Games London team and the Game Changer Program. It's been an amazing experience and has accelerated business growth way beyond expectation. 2024 is going to be an epic year for all of us here at QSS. We will have some exciting announcements to make in 2024. To that I wish all of our supporters clients and collaborators a very happy holidays and a heartfelt thank you!

November 2023

We are heading to SLUSH in Helsinki! Our founder and CEO - Charlie Hasdell is available on the Slush Matchmaking platform if you want to have a chat.


October 2023

Here at QSS we have been super busy preparing a massive update for Kākāpo Run! Here's a quick peak behind the scenes at one of many accessories and skins you'll be able to apply to your Kākāpo. More features of this exciting update will be announced soon!

October 2023

Thanks to Game Changer we will be attending EGX and the GI Investor Summit in London over the next couple of days. Feel free to reach out for a chat with our founder Charlie Hasdell -


September 2023

September is turning into a busy month! Save the Purple Frog Update has just gone live on iOS and Android. With an all new way to play with the introduction of Endless mode! Who can get the longest run?

September 2023

Thanks to Game Changer we will be attending WASD in London next week. Feel free to book a chat with our founder Charlie Hasdell -


July 2023

We will be at Develop Brighton on Thursday the 13th of July. 

Feel free to book a chat with our founder Charlie Hasdell - 


June 2023

We've recently released an update to Kākāpo Run adding a remote config frame work, shorter tutorial and Calls to Action that allow our players to get more information about the on-going plight of the flightless  kākāpo. There are also a few other QoL changes too. 

We are currently working on a major update to Save The Purple Frog, more on that soon!

Our Games

Over the last few years we have worked closely with On The Edge to create two games to raise awareness of EDGE species. 


Kākā-POW! You’re a plump, flightless - but lovable - parrot. No stoat, rat, or car is stopping you in your infinite-runner race to Sanctuary Island. How long can you survive?

This is the first game of our very successful collaboration with On The Edge. Released in October 2020 the game has continued to evolve with numerous updates.  

Currently Rated 4.8 out of 5 Stars on the Apple AppStore

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By hopping to your survival, you’re India’s weirdest frog! Dodge owls, snakes, trains and other life-threatening hazards as you make a hopeful dash for the breeding grounds.

Save the Purple Frog was our second game for On the Edge and represented a much more ambitious project that combined the mechanics of Frogger and Pacman whilst communicating the urgency of time. 

Currently Rated 4.5 out of 5 Stars on the Apple AppStore

Download NOW - 

Both games represent some interesting design challenges, as we balance the game design needs against the importance of accuracy to the plight of each species. 

Kākāpō Run and Save the Purple Frog have both been frequently featured by Apple on the AppStore.

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